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Why It Is Sensible To Have a Fire Extinguisher in Your Home

irFe is both a life giver and life taker. It would be almost impossible to imagine life if there was no sunlight, without which heat or energy would have become non existent in the world. In the same light fire also plays a major role in keeping the cycle of life alive and kicking. However, it can also be a life taker and kill or injure people within a very short time. There are thousands of fire-related accidents and deaths and most of these are caused because of the absence of a proper fire-extinguishing system in the house.

While public places like offices, building, malls and other areas of public congregation have the best of fire-fighting equipment and systems, not many houses have it. There are a variety of reasons for it. The prime reason is people’s attitude towards fire accidents. They feel that it is something that will not affect them. However, they realize the mistake only when they go through an accident which leads to death, injury and loss of property. It therefore makes perfect sense to have a good fire-fighting equipment or apparatus in the house. Is should not be considered as a wasteful expenditure but should be looked at as an investment for the safety and security of a household, the people living in it and the equipment and belongings that form a part of the entire household.

Though many people tend to take this matter very lightly, according to research and numbers, almost 80% of households have faced fire-related accidents at some point of time in their life. Accidents originating from fire-related events are the cause of thousands of deaths in the country and many lives could have been saved if the households understood the importance and need to have a fire-safety system in the home. The biggest problem with fire is that it spreads so fast and rapidly that on a majority of the occasions the victims do not get the time to react and are trapped and burnt to death. This could be avoided if some initial fire fighting activity was in place.

One the basic things that each and every household needs to have is a fire extinguisher. This is the first and the most important line of defence. They play a major role in controlling the fire and keeping it restricted to a particular area. This will enable fire fighting experts to arrive on the scene and evacuate people and also put out the flames before it spreads further and causes more damage. Placing these extinguishers in the right place is extremely important. It is always advisable to place them in areas that are prone to fire hazards. The most common places that are prone to such attacks are the kitchen, garage or the workshop that could be a part of a house or an apartment.

A few persons should also be trained to use these extinguishers should the need arise. In the unfortunate event of a fire accident it would be advisable not to panic but to handle the situation with calm and composure.

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