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The Important Role Played By National Duct Cleaners Association

The fact of the matter is that thought ducts and vents are major sources of diseases and fire hazards not many people are willing to accept it as a real threat and there are thousands of households who feel that spending money on such vent and duct maintenance is not only a waste of money, but it is also considered a bit drain on time and effort. This thought process is not based on facts because every year thousands of household members suffer a lot of health problems because of unkempt ducts and vents.
Apart from the health problems that are so evident because of improper duct and vent maintenance, there is also no denying the fact that vents and ducts are also responsible for many fires in hundreds of households. Every year there are many deaths and damage to properties that happen because of such faulty and improper maintenance of ducts and vents.
To overcome this major problem and to educate customers about the need for proper duct and vent maintenance, National Duct Cleaners Association, a non-profit organization was formed in 1989 and the main objective of this organization is to spread the message of importance of duct cleaning to as many customers as possible. The main objective of National Duct Cleaners Association is to impress upon customers that source removal of dirt and debris on a regular basis is the only way by which the problem can be solved on a long term basis. It also takes the lead in helping customers in their effort to clean ducts and vents on a regular basis. 


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