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It is a known fact that ducts and vents are commonly used across many homes, offices and also in factories and manufacturing establishments. These ducts and vents have various uses in different situations. However the main use of these ducts is basically for the purpose of heating and cooling purposes in a centralized environment. Though it is common to come across single window units in many homes, there are a number of inherent advantages that are available from centralized air conditioning systems which make it so popular. However while ducts and vents are extremely important, equally important is the fact that unless these ducts and vents are properly maintained, it could lead to a lot of problems over a period of time.

The most common problem is the lower efficiency level of functioning of the air conditioning machines coupled with the risk of compromising of the quality of indoor air where such ducts and vents are working. There are a number of things that should be kept in mind while going in for duct cleaning and maintenance. While many of us are bothered about cleaning the insides of the ducts and vents, we should also pay attention to tops of ductwork cleaning. This is because, when it comes to accumulation of dirt and debris, the entire process starts only from the top.

The ducts and vents are usually very moist and wet they start absorbing dust which settles down on the top of the ducts. Hence, tops of ductwork cleaning is as important as cleaning the interiors. In fact there is no denying the fact that many of the surface dirt creep into the interiors of ducts and vents making them dirty both from inside and outside. The dirt starts forming thin layers both on the outside and layers if they are not cleaned regularly. If they are not cleaning regularly and if tops of ductwork cleaning is not given the importance it deserves, then it is quite likely that over a period of time, the ducts could become potential sources for growth of microorganisms like mold, fungi and this would certainly give rise to growth of bacteria and viruses.

It is a known fact that almost 60 to 70% of all indoor related diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and even some skin ailments are caused because of poor air quality inside homes and more often than not, ducts and vents are the main culprits. But doing thorough tops of ductwork cleaning is quite tough because it involves getting atop some difficult and dark corners. Additionally at times it may be necessary to open the ducts and clean them thoroughly step by step. Hence it would be necessary to have professionals who have experience in this job and further special equipment and infrastructure for undertaking tops of ductwork cleaning would also be needed. Though it could entail regular preventive maintenance and cleaning work, it would make better sense to go in for it on a regular basis rather than not doing it and paying the prices at a later point in time.


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