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What can be done to keep birds out of the building?

Birds search for various types of shelters wherein they can build their homes. They just invade into any part of the building like roof, vents, chimney, windows etc. and create a lot mess and nuisance. Even bird dropping can cause permanent damage to the building materials. Basically birds drooping are acidic in nature, so it can degrade most of the stones, metal material and lead to irreparable damage. In short, we need to understand what can be done to keep birds out.

There are many ways to tackle w without causing any harm to them.

1. Use bird repellents

• Repellents are the objects or the material used to scare the birds away and stop them from roosting and damaging the property. Simple way is to hang something bright like aluminum foil, CD etc. as the reflection frightens the birds.

• Bird repellent slopes are slippery in nature, when birds try to land on that they just slip off. These are basically made up of PVC panels and are very effective when finding a solution to what can be done to keep birds out.

• Bird repellent spike strip is again very friendly method to know when we talk about “What can be done to keep birds out”. This is the strip of spikes made up of unbreakable polycarbonate, which can be, easily installed on window sills, roofs, elevated areas etc. These sharp and pointed wires provide temporary discomfort to birds so that they avoid landing on these surfaces.

• Bird gel repellent does not provide any harm to birds. When gel dries up, it causes the surface to be sticky and uncomfortable for the birds. It can be used over any flat or curved surface such as pipes beams etc.

Screen all the openings

• Check all the openings in your building like roof vents, chimneys, dryer vents, attic, broken windows, exhaust fans etc. Openings are the main concern of “What can be done to keep birds out”. These all openings are large enough that would allow the bird to enter. Put a screen, wire mesh or guards on such openings to prevent birds to intrude these areas. Even covering these areas using the hardware cloth is again a good idea.

• Plastic curtains can be used on any doors that are open all day. These doors can be blocked to birds by putting or hanging plastic strips or curtains in front of the opening. This method will also in relation to what can be done to keep birds out.

Check outdoor light fixtures

• Even light fixture with an open top is also a perfect place for nesting. So keep a check on such light fixtures because heat from the operating light is dangerous to birds. If you have removed the nest from it, then covers it with hardware cloth to prevent nest rebuilding.

Bird proof netting

• Bird Proof Netting can be set over window recesses, balconies and rooftops to prevent birds from reaching nesting areas. Wherever there gap of size 1" or greater, birds are able to enter the building. Plastic netting is available in different patterns ranging from heavy grids to smaller mesh sizes in order to meet different needs and different sizes.

It is always advisable to adopt different methods in response to the problem “What can be done to keep birds out”. This way we are not just looking after our building but our health too. Birds wreck the air conditioners and put the health at risk. Moreover, it is really tough to clean their mess that took on a regular basis. Thus, it’s always better that you adopt measures concerning what can be done to keep birds out in order to keep your surroundings safe and sound for your personal well being.

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