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Importance of Clothes Dryer Fire Prevention

Washing clothes in washing machines has become a very common practice in today’s world but washing alone does not explain the complete process of cloth washing. The other important part of washing clothes is drying them. Drying clothes naturally takes a lot of time and it requires the help of external factors such as weather. Under unfavorable conditions natural drying of clothes become tough and hence people in the western and developed countries have started the use of clothes dryer. The clothes dryer artificially dries clothes but gives the same result as that of natural drying. There are many other advantages of these dryers and hence the use of these dryers has increased significantly over the years.

Despite the fact that these dryers effectively dry clothes there are a few disadvantages or cautionary things that one must be aware of. First and foremost one must know the method involved in the drying of clothes. The clothes are dried with the help of dry steam which is water heated within the dryer. This heating requires the presence of an electrically fired furnace and at places people use oil or gas fired furnace.

The presence of a heating element within the dryer can sometimes lead to complicated situations and hence one must be careful about it. Moreover over exposure to steam tend to make the material of the cloth weak and the fiber in the cloth tends to get carried away by the steam. This fiber content gets stored as lint on the inner surface or the walls of the exhaust system. Accumulation of lint with the passage of time tends to make it a clogging agent and the free flow of used steam out of the exhaust system becomes difficult. Moreover the presence of lint can spark a fire in the dryer when it comes in contact with a heating or igniting element.

Thus clothes dryer fire prevention should be one of the most important priorities of a person using the dryer mechanism. Clothes dryer fire prevention should form the corner stone in making people aware about the dangers associated with dryer fires. It can be achieved with the help of a dryer alarm system which can indicate the chances of a fire in the dryer. Also one can make use of the various dryer exhaust cleaning systems that are present in the market today. These cleaners remove the presence of lint in the vents and fans that are placed to blow the used steam out of the dryer.

Clothes dryer fire prevention has been recommended by many companies that manufacture dryers. In fact companies have taken a step forward and have started providing a lot of clothes dryer fire prevention systems that tend to shutdown the system and use effective fire extinguishing methods in case of a fire. Thus for people using the dryers it is recommended that the prevention mechanism are fitted along with the dryers to ensure safety and effective functioning of the dryer. Also the presence of a fire alarm is recommended to indicate the chances of a fire.

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