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Lint Crushed Behind Dryer- What Are The Various Problems

There are many people in today’s world who are using dryers and it has become a very common sight in everyone’s house. The use of this dryer has seen significant increase over the years and this has been due to the fact that these dryers have been able to provide the right type of drying techniques that people have been expecting.

There are many advantages that these dryers provide to people. The first one being the simplicity in drying, this is followed by the speed of drying of clothes. These are the two most important advantages of the dryer and the main reasons why people have started using these dryers. Along with the increase of the dryer usage the accidents related to the dryer has also increased. Dryer fires have become very prominent and the main reason for these dryer fires has been the improper use of the dryers.

Dryer maintenance is one thing that many people overlook. They fail to understand that improper maintenance of the dryer can lead to serious consequences such as the dryer fires. Furthermore one should also remember that the dryers are sensitive to unclean environment and show sudden changes when their interiors get filled with dirt and other impurities. Before a person understands the various problems that people face due to the bad maintenance of the dryer it is essential that one gets to know the function of the dryer. The dryer basically uses a medium to remove the presence of wetness in clothes. This is done with the help of steam or dry air which is the medium that is mentioned above.

The production of dry steam or hot air requires the heating of the medium and this is possible with the help of the heating element normally electrical placed inside the dryer. Older versions of dryers used gas to heat the medium but it was later changed because of the emergency. Once the medium is heated it is then sent to the tumbler which ensures the proper exposure of the cloth and thereby enables their drying. Once this is done the used medium is then expelled out of the dryer to the outside environment with the help of the dryer exhaust system. This is where the main problem with dryer arises.

The dryer medium along with the wetness brings in a lot of lint which tend to form in the interior of the dryer. This makes the dryer vent sometimes get crushed behind dryer.

There are many ways that a person can prevent the vent from being crushed behind dryer. One of the commonest ways is the cleaning of the lint in the vent. Also vents crushed behind dryer need to be replaced this requires the presence of a professional who can fix the problem and at the same time can ensure that further occurrences of the vent being crushed behind dryer does not happen. However one has to ensure that they are dealing with the right professional agency as the better the organization the better are the professionals that work on the dryer.


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