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Preparing a duct cleaning tender proposal

You have decided to opt for a particular duct cleaning tender and want to create a proposal that will force the authority to accept it without any qualms. Now is the time to collect some information, write drafts, co-ordinate different materials, writing a cover-letter, etc. However, before you follow these steps, you need to follow certain guidelines that will help your duct cleaning tender to get accepted.
Understand the tender document 
Before you set out to create your proposal, you need to figure out or comprehend what the tender document is all about. Typically, most of the tenders you come across are divided into different sections like – terms and conditions, conditions of contract, response schedules and specifications of the tender. As each of these sections has their own specifications, you need to go through them carefully before submitting your proposal. 
This duct cleaning tender document generally contains useful information like closing time and date, different ways of submitting your tender, contact details, government policies, etc. You need to pay heed to these details if you want to successfully submit the tender. You could also be required to go through functional, performance and technical requirements of the tender. It makes sense in creating a checklist of the things that are required for you to create an impressive tender proposal. 


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