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Maintenance of Air Conditioning Duct

The term duct is very commonly associated with air conditioners. There are very few houses which do not have air conditioning system. While some houses go in for single unit air conditioners bigger homes and apartments find it better to have a centralized air conditioning system. while stand alone units are not much of a problem centralized units require the installation of a efficient and safe ducting system. The main air conditioning machine is at a central place and the conditioned air that is generated by the air conditioning machine is blown to the different parts of a house or an apartment with the help of a duct.

A duct can be compared to a water pipe from which carries water from a centralized location. The importance of duct can be best understood by a person who has faced problems of clogged or impure ducting system. There are many reasons why one should keep their air ducts clean and they involve the maintenance of a safe and healthy air in and around the house, to prevent the costly repair and replacement that might occur due to the damage of these ducts.

Furthermore in places where the outside environment is humid and wet the air conditioning system has to do a lot of work in reducing the amount of moisture sent into the living room. This tends to make the outer ducts of the air conditioner moist and becomes a very good habitat for the growth of bacteria and fungus. This growth tends to block the free flow of air into the duct thereby reducing the performance of the air conditioner.

Thus it is essential that one prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus in these ducts and this can be done by constantly cleaning the ducts and also looking for leaks in the duct which could make the inner part of the duct moister. Also one must ensure that the air conditioner is left dry for sometime.

Bacteria and fungus usually accumulate in place where there is abundance of moisture and unfortunately duct is a place which provides the right atmosphere for accumulation of moisture. So it is very important to avoid moisture accumulation in the ducting system. This can be done by switching of the air conditioning system once in a while and blowing hot air to dry the ducting system and rid it of moisture. It would also be pertinent to note that dust and dirt also play a big role in attracting moisture. Hence it is extremely important to keep the duct free from too much of dirt and dust.

Cleaning the ducting system of moisture, dirt, dust, fungus and bacteria growth is a specialized job and can be handled only by an duct cleaning expert. It is best to take help of such experts and get the job done periodically to ensure overall purity of the air that is blown through such ducting system. Identifying a good duct cleaning expert either in your locality or with the help of the internet is very important. Since this is a specialized job it would be advisable to seek the services of only experts who have experience and capability in this particular field. 

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