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Tips that will help in heat recovery wheel cleaning

It is very important to take into consideration the actual design of the equipment before employing any heat recovery wheel cleaning procedure. As the equipment is difficult to maintain otherwise, when cleaning is not done correctly or is completely ignored, their life expectancy and effectiveness gets greatly reduced. Cleaning procedures can be easily carried out for other elements like blowers, motors and filters as there are quite familiar. However, the same is not true with heat recovery wheels. It requires a great deal of understanding to clean these units and help them improve their performance and their overall life expectancy.
The removable doors have to be used for heat recovery wheel cleaning processes. When these doors are removed, the components that make this structure are easily accessible for cleaning them separately.
1. Routine inspection – An inspection has to be carried out before employing any heat recovery wheel cleaning procedure. Ideally, this has to be done by the service technician who is trained to do these things and not by any other employee.
2. Drive belt – The cleaning of these belts should be done annually without fail. This is because the normal functioning of the belt would wear it done considerably. When neglected, these belts would have to be replaced entirely and this will cost you a lot. 
3. Air seals – These seals are seen on either side of the wheels and outside it. Before cleaning them using a suitable device they need to be checked for stable condition. Only when air seals are tight air is prevented from entering the system. To check this one out, place a clean sheet of paper against the seals. Upon cleaning them, the seals need to be tightened a bit.

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