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How Do I Keep Birds Out Of My Dryer Vent And How To Remove Them Safely

In my apartment, it is common that birds get stuck in the dryer vent. I always used to hear chirping of birds from that vent side. Usually we all know that these birds carry bacteria and parasites which can cause health troubles. Moreover, clogging of the dryer vent is troublesome and can even lead to fire hazard. So I used to think how I keep birds out of my dryer vent and how to remove them safely.

I had a discussion with many people around and seek professional advice too. Ultimately I got a number of ideas and measures on how do I keep birds out of my dryer vent and how to remove them safely.

Now I am sharing this information with you all that how do I keep birds out of my dryer vent and how to remove them safely.

  • Before restricting access to the birds in the dryer vent, look for the presence of eggs or baby birds inside it. Birds set up a nest within 2 feet near the vent opening and lay an egg in the nest. Once nesting has started or once the bird babies are involved it becomes difficult to remove nest material as one has to wait until babies leave. Once parents vacate the nest along with babies, immediately take appropriate measures to prevent birds to rebuild their nest in the dryer vent.
  • Now nesting material, bird droppings are there inside blocking the dryer vent. If birds make a nest in this vent, every season then there must be more nesting material because usually birds make a new nest every time. Remove this nesting material as soon as possible before birds get a chance to use it again. Open the vent and pull out the nest with the wire coat hanger. Do not forget to cover your face and hands.
  • You can use hose also to remove out any other nesting material by pushing it through vent to the outside of your home and the excess nest material is pushed out. Clean the whole area and vacuum out the area in the vent where the nest was present.

Following the above tips appropriately will help to some extent in relation to how I keep birds out of my dryer vent.

Now the major step is to cover the dryer vent in regard of how do I keep birds out of my dryer vent?

  • Cheapest and the easy way of how to keep birds away from nesting in your dryer vent will be to place a bird screen or mesh wire around the dryer vent. Only a few tools are required in this procedure which includes a ladder to reach the vent safely, scissors, a ruler and a bird screen to fix there. Usually vents are 4"x4" square. Simply measure the screen accordingly and cut it down. Slip this screen behind the flaps of the vent and procedure is done. The screen works well to keep away nesting insects.
  • Dryer vent guards are also available easily in different sizes. They are easy to install also and provide maximum protection from birds to take an entry in to the dryer vent.
  • Dryer vent closure system is another way to solve the issue of How do I keep birds out of my dryer vent. Though it is slightly expensive but along with providing protection from the birds, it also increases the efficiency of the dryer. Its cup completely covers the vent opening when vent is not working.

I feel above discussion about how I keep birds out of my dryer vent and how to remove them safely is really informative. These all procedures can be used easily and safely on the regular basis to keep your dryer vent clean and energy efficient and resolves the problem how do I keep birds out of my dryer vent.

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