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Using safety signs and safety symbols we understand the magnitude of the dryer fire problem and how to deal whit it. We are highly trained dryer fire fighting technicians. We have truck powered equipment and years of clothes dryers cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning experience. This has given us a wide range of clothes dryers systems cleaning techniques and dryer exhaust systems cleaning procedures including the use of high-resolution infra red video cameras, which aid dryer fire technicians in the best possible dryer fire safety and prevention results. Our condominiums residents can see removing the fire hazardous lint from your clothes drying system. COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS PROGRAMS FOR MANAGING AND OPERATING BUILDINGS.

condo dryer fires

condo dryer fires

We believe the condominiums residents, their family and suites should be treated with the greatest care and respect. Your comfort safety and quality of air in your suites is a responsibility we take seriously. It is a trust that we have earn every day. We do our best to employ only dryer fire fighting technicians who truly care and treat our condominiums residents beyond their expectations. They must perform their clothes dryer and dryer exhaust system cleaning duties in a polite, neat and professional manner.

Building Solutions

Maintenance Programs

Condo Maintenance

Building Solutions

dryer_interior_cleaningbuilding providing maintenance working exclusive for multi-residential buildings serving condominium buildings by providing Maintenance Programs clothes dryer vent and in suite fan coil preventative maintenance.

In Suite Fan Coil preventative Maintenance to ensure delivery of heating in winter season and cooling in summer season to individual apartments condos and suites.

In Suite Clothes Dryer Vent preventative Maintenance to save time and reduce monthly energy bill minimize the risk of dryer fires and save on your insurance.

Service specialists providing Property Managers and Building Owners with  comprehensive and cost effective service programs

In suite clothes dryer vent preventative maintenance to Condominium Management

fan coil cleaning maintenance program

Building Solutions is helping Condominium Managers and their Board Members, Co-Operative Housing, Property Management Firms and Maintenance

In suite fan coil preventative maintenance to Condominium Management

Building Solutions will keep your tenants and residents cool in the summer season and warm in the winter season.

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Building Solutions will do all the work for you, will save all the headache from the Property Management and supper intended dealing with the tenants and residents.

Total Duct Cleaning is a service company provides heating and air conditioning maintenance for in-suite fan coil, heat pump units clean common area laundry, in suite laundry and bathroom, exhaust duct cleaning and extensive experience in indoor air quality issues and solutions in high rise condominiums in Ontario.

TDC will provide knowledge and support of the Property Management, Residents and Condominium Boards healthy, safe and comfortable living environment in high rise condominiums.

Fan coil Maintenance Programs

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When should Fan coil maintenance in Toronto high rise condominiums be performed? When Residents complain not enough air flow in the high rise condominium units. When the fan coil then to fix or replace (It is a cheaper to maintain the fan coil then to replace or fix). When the heating and cooling bills are higher than privies year. More information on Fan coil Maintenance Programs…

Laundry/Exhaust Cleaning Programs

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Way Laundry/Exhaust Cleaning Programs in Toronto high rise condominiums should be performed? A blocked clothes dryer vent caused the fire When a dryer is not venting properly it is less efficient and costs more to operate. More information on Laundry/Exhaust Cleaning Programs…

Laundry Room Duct Cleaning Services


Hospital air duct cleaning company experienced with health care needs such as isolation exhaust system and surgical air handling systems cleaning.

How do you get duct cleaning referrals?

By pleasing the commercial and industrial customers, doing the cleaning Job well done, take pride of the cleaning procedures, take time to thoroughly honest answer all of the cleaning questions. Offering an extra advice to commercial and industrial buildin owner concerns. Do outstanding  cleaning job. Be respectful to the  factories managers. Be everything that a reputable business person should be. We are getting 80% of our jobs from referrals: from co-workers who had used our company, to look forward to doing business with us again, by posting our company’s name in the internal bulletin board at work, from satisfied customers who pass our business cards along to commercial and industrial managers and contacting us for all future Cleaning requirements.

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