Duct Cleaning Tips

Duct Cleaning Tips

Have your Ducts Cleaned before you move into a new or used home?

Newly Constructed Homes can contain a considerable amount of drywall dust and wood floor sanding’  so consider having the duct’s cleaned if you are moving into a new home as well, or just moved into a new home

If You moving to or you know of Someone moving into a previously occupied home let them know that they should consider having the Air Duct’s and the Dryer Vent Cleaned, before they move in .

Is Your Home Safe?
Most people are not aware that indoor air pollution is a growing concern in your home as well in the work place. In 2004, there was an indoor air quality study. The study concluded that 92%of the homes tested had poor air quality issues. The average home accumulates 6 to 9 pounds of dirt, dust, debris, pollen and contaminants each year. The heating and cooling duct work is a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, animal dander, dust mites, pollen and construction materials.

Why Clean Your Ducts?
The benefits to cleaning your ducts are : Proper cleaning will help to save you money on your energy bills, it improves both the quality of air in your home, the cleanliness and your health. If you have young children or pets in the house, dirty air ducts can lead to various health problems that can easily be avoided by cleaning your ducts regularly.

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