How you should clean your Air Conditioner ducts

  How you should clean your Air Conditioner ducts.

 When your home has poor air quality your ducts could be moldy, dusty or dirty. Any forms of dusts can be an annoyance to the people that are living at the home, or worksite and having mold in the duct system can have major health implications. When a home has clean air, it won’t have a musty smell to it. If you do use professional cleaning, you can still clean the ducts between their visits and there are simple steps to help you with your homes air quality.

 The first part of cleaning the vents is to clean around the area of the vents. Be aware of any small items that you may have around you as they may fall in the vents.

 The next step is to remove the covers from the air vents. You need to do this by using a screwdriver because it will be, quite difficult to remove the covers by hand. Pay attention to where you took the screws from, so you know where they need to go when you have finished.

 After removing the vent covers, you need to see inside the vent to see if there is any type of mold that may have grown. If it will help you to see better use a flashlight, and if you are still having trouble use a mirror to help you see inside the vent.

 If you do see mold within the vent, you can get rid of it by using three products. One part vinegar, spray bottle, and warm water. Mix these ingredients in the bottle to spray on the mold. You can clean the mold by just spraying these ingredients and cleaning it with a rag or brush depending on how much force you need.

 After removing the mold you can continue to the next step. To remove the dust you just need a brush or towel. Using a towel helps with cleaning the larger areas of dust and speeds up your time. Clean all parts of the vents, or where you can reach.

 Following this, is using a vacuum hose to clean the dust and dirt in the higher places. Try, and clean as much as the hose will allow you to. When finished replace the vent covers.

 Cleaning your vents can be quite easy, if you follow these steps. You can do this as part of regular cleaning routine that you have for your home. By, doing this regularly will prevent mold growth inside your vents, which will help with the smell of the house.

 Your air conditioner ducts should be cleaned regular especially between professional visits. This will ensure you’re that your family will be safe because it will reduce the risk of health concerns or fires.

  How you should clean your Air Conditioner ducts.

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