Just another Duct Cleaning

You will never get more if you pay less. Well, in the case of duct cleaning a typical 10-vent house will never cost less than a hundred. According to NADCA, it will usually take two technicians to clean the entire duct system cleaned.

If we’re looking into periodical sucking of dirt from our vents, then there is what we call “Duct Cleaning” only package. And what I mean about periodical is the frequency and/or the next cycle of cleaning will occur. And no, I’m not referring to a small “portable” shopvac when we’re talking of hard-to-reach homes. Even if you’re living in a condo unit where it’s not easily accessible with truck-mounted vacuum equipment, Total Duct Cleaning still provides you with heavy duty powerful portable vacuum equipment. Most of the customers I encounter are not really acquainted with the types of duct cleaning equipment used. Of course, every company has a distinct way of providing their services and Total Duct Cleaning for one, is way too unique from the others.

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