The Crime Scene Clean Up Method


Crime-scene clean up is not just about mopping up whatever mess is left at the yellow tape and call it a day. Post-crime clean up is a highly specialized work and requires the services of professional cleaners to restore the trauma site at its pre-incident state. Which means all fragments of whatever happened at the crime scene have to be wiped out or removed altogether – blood stains or bodily fluids which are generally considered by government regulators to be biohazardous or a potential source of infection; chemicals and other compounds used during, or as a result of, the crime?

These professionals do not just clean whatever is visible to the naked eye, they sanitize whatever odorous traces that linger after the trauma — decomposition or spillage of harmful substances. More than just a spick and span clean up, crime-scene clean upprofessionals are there to decontaminate the place air-wise.

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