Duct Cleaning Solutions for Home and Office

Proper and annually scheduled Duct Cleaning is pertinent to home and office cleaning because it controls the bacteria, dust and other contaminants such as pet dander, skin cells, dust mites, carpet fibers, lint, chemical residues from cleaning products, aerosols etc. If your ducts are clogged with debris, house cleaning efforts are significantly sacrificed.  You do the work but the following day it seems as though dust and debris are back.

When is the most critical time to do House Cleaning? Move in Cleaning Services, Move out Cleaning Services, Post Construction Cleaning Services, Spring Cleaning,

Why? Air circulation

Six Easy Efficient Ways to Clean and keep your Home/Office Area Clean.

Let’s start with the Basics Routine

Break spring cleaning down into three sections:

v decluttering

v cleaning

v putting systems in place to make your life easier

Establish a good routine by putting cleaning on automatic pilot so you can daydream about your next vacation while washing the windows

Now The Tough Stuff

Wooden floors, venation blinds, carpets, upholstery and radiators. Wooden floors – to keep floors looking good by sweeping or vacuuming as often as you can. Use a damp mop sparingly to keep floors from swelling.  A vinegar and warm water solution has the acidity to remove dirt, grease and sugar. A light dishwashing detergent can even be helpful without harmful.

Carpets – Save money by hiring a carpet cleaning company rather than renting a carpet cleaning machine which has no where near the success and is twice as much the work. Vacuuming everyday is ideal.

Germ Warfare

Ø Germs from the toilet travel as far as 6 “ when you flush so remember to put the lid down as soon as you flush the toilet

Ø Chopping boards are a breeding ground for salmonella and typically carry 50 times more bacteria.  Wash them well and replace them regularly

Ø Turn your mattress every six months, vacuum it once a month and, every ten years , buy a new one. We all sweat around half a pint of moisture at night which ends up in the mattress

Ø Bed bugs – use Damascus earth, fossil plankton.  Best to leave this serious problem to the experts

Ø Bath towels need to be washed at least once a week at 60 degrees Celsius otherwise germs that could cause MRSA (Multi-drug resistant bacteria) can multiply

Prune Your Possessions

De-cluttering will help you achieve a low-maintenance home.  Expose of items that no longer serve you.  Cleaning and dusting useless items is not time efficient.  In your efforts to downsize, don’t overlook large items of furniture: you will gain space and have less to dust.

Keep Surfaces Clear and Clean Wherever Possible

Putting away all but the essentials and keeping all your surfaces clear cuts cleaning time in half – particularly in the kitchen. Aside from commercial products, to disinfect surface areas Benefect is a very powerful bacterial killer made of one natural product – Thyme.

Basic household items will find new uses. White vinegar will become your best friend.  For starters, it is the perfect rinse for any soap or detergent. Newspaper is the perfect rinse/dryer for windows or glass. Baking soda neutralizes odours from carpets – leave overnight and vacuum off.  It will also clean stainless steel, teapots, bathtubs etc. Olive Oil, used a little on a soft cloth, will polish furniture.  Of course, there is always soap and water, the original cleaner.

Collections in Display Cabinets Cleaning

Personal collections give a house character, but require careful cleaning.  Invest in glass display cabinets – your investments will need less dusting and be less prone to breakage.

Windows Cleaning

Using vinegar and newspaper – using one part vinegar with four parts water and use on a lint-free cloth to remove dirt then dry with newspaper. The outside windows are better cleaned with a sponge and diluted dish soap but still use the newspapers for the drying process to prevent lint left behind from cloths or paper towels.

Blinds Cleaning

Venetian blinds should be soaked in warm soapy water in the bath for an hour.  Simply rinse and hang on the windows to dry.  Using a cleaning Q-tip or a sponge made specifically for blinds on a regular basis is recommended

Radiators Cleaning

ü Hang damp cloths or newspapers behind the radiator and blow with a blow-dryer.  All the hidden dust and dirt will be forced onto the damp cloths for easy removal

ü To remove rust and old paint, rub the radiator with a wire brush and wipe down with a damp cloth

Upholstery Cleaning

“Don’t try this at home”

Most stain removers sold in stores simply do not work.   In fact, more damage can be done by trying this on your own. If you must, try a mild detergent with water or better yet, vinegar.

Odours Cleaning

Neutralize the smell of stale cigarette smoke by sitting a shallow bowl full of white vinegar in the room.  Duct cleaning should help with odours since it eliminates trapped dust that holds dust and debris causing odours.

Cleaning will become easier when you have clean air ducts. Make certain the house cleaning is done prior to the duct cleaning to capture any dust that becomes airborne after the cleaning is completed, especially if this is an area that has been under new construction or renovation.

Enjoy the benefits of Air Duct Cleaning by living in a healthier environment!

Note: If you’ve discovered a cleaning product that really does the job, please let us know – any successful referral will reward you 10% of our commission.

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