Condo Services Specialist

Total Duct Cleaning is the leader in condo Services for indoor air quality for greater Toronto area. We dedicated 100% of our time in condo services mastering dryer vent cleaning, HVAC cleaning and fan coil unit maintenance.

 Condominium and Apartments have indoor air pollution and contaminants sources, such as household products, heaters, appliances, interior building materials tobacco smoke, and automobile exhaust. Indoor air Quality problems in offices and condominium buildings are caused by contaminated ventilation systems, improperly installed air intakes or luck of maintenance.

 Solutions to indoor air quality problems in condominiums, apartments and offices, need immediate action to eliminating the sources of pollution, installing air cleaning devices and increasing ventilation. The tenants and resident can take an action to improve the indoor air quality by removing a source of contaminants or unblocking an air supply vent. In some cases, however, only the building owner or condominium manager is in a position to solve the indoor quality problem.

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