Condo cleaning maintenance service

For the past 22 years we had the privileges and pleasant experience to work with Condominium Managers and their Board Members, Co-Operative Housing, Property Management Firms, Maintenance, Facility Managers and condo owners, gaining an understanding of their daily needs. We are thrilled that most of our Properties Managers return to us as customer for repeat maintenance such as dryer vent cleaning. Not only our current Property Managers are coming back for regular dryer vent cleaning maintenance service, our impeccable reputation has gained us new condominium customers through word of mouth. We have Licensed Air duct cleaning technicians who will ensure your IN-condo Air is truly clean after the job is done. We do not compromise on quality service. When you experience Total Duct Cleaning impeccable indoor air quality services, you never ever have to worry about poor indoor air quality in your condominium or offices ever again. Our 12 points 100% reliable inspection system ensures that your IN-condo Air is truly clean after the job that all your dryer vents are completely free of lint and debris.

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