Condominium Dryer Vent Cleaning When Do We Need it

Apartments and condominiums are almost the same as a single-residential house. They experience similar indoor condominium air problems acquired through various pollution sources, such as interior building materials, furnishings, microbial contamination and other construction or chemical debris hiding inside the duct system. These problems are often neglected and only noticed when it’s in its worst level. The need for immediate solution, if a thing like this happens is very essential simply because the quality of the indoor air that the homeowner’s /occupant’s breathe inside his unit is the one at stake. Indoor air problems are often similar to the cases in offices, and some of these sources include occupant activities, housekeeping practices, pesticide applications and many more. Public starts to recognize now the importance of having a clean, safe indoor environment and these leads to their awareness and demand for a good quality of indoor air. Thus, the need for dryer duct cleaning increases as an answer to health problems being reported because of indoor air pollution.

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