Electrostatic Air Filter

What is electrostatic filter?

The electrostatic air filters utilize synthetic material which develops an electrostatic charge as friction is applied to the plastic fibers. In the filters case, air flowing through the filter provides the necessary friction.  The electrostatic charge that is developed as air passes through the filter increases the filters attraction to particles such as pollen, molds, and dust.


What are Pros and Cons?



The benefits of having electrostatic filter in your home? 


-         Never have to bay another filter in your life.

-         Clean the air in homes and offices by removing pollutants and airborne contaminants.

-         Reduce the health costs associated with pollutants

-         Constant maintenance of your indoor air quality without compromise.



     – You won’t by able to sneak out from your house pretending gong to Canadian tire to bay furnace filter and go to the local bar for quick beer. Because you never have to change your furnace filter.

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