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 HVAC Duct cleaning is an important service that eliminates dust and harmful contaminants from the air in your office and home thereby reducing possible health issues and concerns

 HVAC Duct Cleaning – Our technicians will remove air vent covers in the ceiling, walls and floors to insert a air pressure hose into each opening. The process is then repeated in the main HVAC trunks. The air pressure hose agitates contaminants and allows their easy extraction.

 Total Duct Cleaning service the needs of Condominium Managers, Co-operative housing and Property Management. Across the Greater Toronto Area:

 • Dryer cleaning : Our annual interior dryer cleaning plan will protect your condo/appartment from fires.

 • Dryer Vent Cleaning: Our annual dryer vent cleaning plan will reduce pollutants, and energy bils. Dryers will last longer. Clothes will dry faster.

 • In Suite Duct Cleaning: Cleaning of the HVAC system is eliminating air duct pollutants. It will restore HVAC system capacity, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills.

 • Kitchen & Washroom Exhaust Duct Cleaning: We will clean the debris building up, mold, bacteria and fungi growth from the exhaust system .We will clean, sanitize and deodorize bathroom and kitchen exhaust system.

 • Make Up Air Shaft Cleaning: Make Up air Shaft is supplying fresh air to the condominium corridors it replace the air continuously with fresh air.It solves the problem of air contamination.

 • Semi Annual maintenance program: Our Semi Annual maintenance program included:1-Air Filter Replacement. 2-Cleaning of the fan coil unit. 3-lubrication of the fan coil unit. 4-Inspection of the HVAC system.

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 • Protective Germ and Odor Program: Our program will protect you from germs, bacteria and odor. We will not mask the odor we will eliminate the odor. We guarantee complete satisfaction. Total Duct Cleaning is manufacturing the Odor Eliminator ® for our customers only, you will not find the Odor Eliminator ® sailing in the stores or anywhere in the net. We promise you to see the immediately results form our Odor Eliminator ®.

 DRYER Cleaning, Apartment Dryer Vent Cleaning ,Dryer vent cleaning and lint cleaning.

Why Dryer Fires Occur

Lint accumulation and reduced airflow feed on each other to provide conditions ripe for a fire. Lint is a highly combustible material, which, interestingly enough, is one of the ingredients in a recipe for home-made fire starters. A number of dryer vent problems contribute to this. 

We can clean Inside the Dryer, dryer vent and your lint trap.

 We provide Clean Air Services Solutions an antibacterial treatment using a 100% all natural botanical cleaning sanitization/ disinfectant solution which is sprayed into the duct system killing any harmful bacteria that may be present for your Clean Air Services.

 Air Filters – We also recommend the replacement of air filters to ensure proper flow of air through your HVAC system to ensure efficient disbursement and return of air. Dirty air filters reduce airflow and increase energy costs.

 HVAC CLEANING Furnace Cleaning and Coils – WE will clean your furnace and HVAC coils to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs. Optionally, we will provide Coil Cleaning when performing our Air Duct Cleaning services.

 Clean Air Services Ventilation – Proper ventilation is essential for heating and cooling efficiency, not to mention the important health aspects. Dusty clogged and dirty ducts and furnaces re-circulate contaminated air.

 100% Satisfied HVAC Duct Cleaning and Clean Air Services Customers in: Toronto, Woodbridge, Kleinberg, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Maple, Concord, Vaughan, New Market, Aurora, Keswick, Bradford, Stouffville, Whitby, Markham, Scarborough, East York, North York, York Region, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Georgetown, Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford, Brampton, Milton, Bolton.

 All duct cleaning services are not the same!

Total Clean Air Solutions gives you 100% Quality workmanship, 100% Friendly service and 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. We Truly Clean The Air You Breathe.

Commercial and Residential HVAC Clean Air Services Solutions! Dryer Vent Dryer Duct

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