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That is what is called Dirty Sock Smell.  It is from a colony of micro organisms that can inhabit the evaporator coil.  In the AC mode there is a medium for colonization (the metal coil surface), Moisture (condensation from the air being conditioned), food (dust, debris, various airborne materials) all in a dark space (the case of the coil and plenum). This is particularly a problem in A/C units due to the fact that the coil of these devices in the heat mode do not necessarily reach a high enough temperature point to kill the organism(s).  They then go into hibernation mode when the growing conditions are not what they are looking for.  Some time along the beginning of AC season the moisture from the first condensation creates the necessary growing conditions again.  The byproducts given off by the critters during this recolonization is what you are smelling. 


Changing Furnace Filters

Changing furnace filters is a relatively simple task and requires no professional installation. A furnace air filter is sized to fit the furnace model and acts as a constant furnace air cleaner by trapping particles of dust when the furnace is in operation. It’s important to know the furnace air filter size required before purchase, as an ill-fitting filter can be dangerous as well as inefficient.

Furnace air filters are sold in several filter fabric types: HEPA, longer-use pleated fabric and standard fabric. HEPA fabric filters are chemically treated to provide maximum filtration and to also trap dust and pollens. The longer-use fabric filters are made of a pleated, heavy fabric, which offers greater surface area, trapping more and reducing the number of furnace air filters needed per season. Standard fabric filters are constructed of fine-thread materials. This type of filter should be changed every four to six weeks, depending on the age of the furnace and the condition of the furnace ductwork.

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