How much air duct cleaning cost

How much duct cleaning


for residential house? If you go by square feet every 100SF have one vent most of the duct cleaning company will charge you by vent and to determine the duct cleaning cost we have to know how much duct cleaning company charges by vent multiply the vents number by the vent price and you will find how much duct cleaning cost.(example your house is 1500 SF you will have 15 vents in your house so if the duct cleaning charges $10.00 per customer your duct cleaning cost is $150.00) But the EPA says that a professional cleaning should cost from $450 to $1,000

How much duct cleaning cost

 How much air duct cleaning?  Duct cleaning is Depend on the size of the house square feet. And the several factors: Do you have pets? Is anyone smoke  the house? Do you have a highway close by? How much air duct cleaning? If anyone have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems? How much air duct cleaning? If  you have a factory close by? Find out how much duct cleaning should cost? Do you notice dust on the furniture shortly after cleaning? How much air duct cleaning? If Anyone in your house suffer from headaches, nasal congestion, or other sinus problems? Consider Avery factor will determine how much duct cleaning cost.

Duct cleaning discount

 Home depot, Rona and Lowe’s customers get 10% off duct cleaning.

Re/Max customers get 10% of duct cleaning.

Refer a friend and $25.00 cash.

Way we give 10% duct cleaning discount?

We know the importance of the indoor air quality.

How much duct cleaning



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