Green Duct Cleaning

Green Duct Cleaning

I don’t know what you will do but I can tell you what we did to keep the planet green.

We stopped using any chemicals for duct cleaning we used natural sanitizing deodorizing products.

The natural herbs we use for hose hvac system sanitizing deodorizing is benefect made with natural products.

 “Disinfectant” is actually a legal term that can only be stated on product labels that have been proven to kill 99.999% of specific bacteria. “Fungicide” is also a legal term that proves the product kills 99.999% of fungi. These test bacteria and fungi are predetermined by Health Canada. In addition to germ kill data, Health Canada scientists review the product for other characteristics such as; how toxic the product is to our environment, directions for safe and effective application, storage, disposal and handling plus a complete review of the health and safety profile of the product. When Health Canada is satisfied with all the scientific data, the product is registered by Health Canada, a Drug Identification Number (DIN) is issued and the product can now be called a disinfectant or a fungicide. The DIN for Benefect® is 02242474.Thats how we are keeping our planet green and clean.

If every body do something small every day we will have greener planet and blue sky witch meant fresher air for our children.

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