Buy house from remax and get 10% of duct cleaning

Buy house from re/max and get 10% of duct cleaning.

 Yes if you buy house from re/max we will clean your house ducts for 10% discount.

You have to do duct cleaning whit in a 3 months of your closing to get 10% of the regular duct cleaning price.

You have to live in the greater Toronto Area. Your house has to by located whit in the GTA.

Way we give the re/max new home buyer 10% duct cleaning discount?

We know the importance of the indoor air quality, especially when you move in unknown house .You have questions like: Ho lives in the house before? Did the privies owner have pets? Did some one live in the house with some sickness? How hygiene was the privies house owner?

You don’t have to worry for all that staff. We are making for the new home owners duct cleaning very affordable.

After we clean your new house ducts we will sanitize and deodorize whit botanical substance which will kill bacteria molds, so you have noting to worry when you buy your next house from re/max.

We’ve cleaned thousands of brand new homes, usually before the closing date.

New home duct cleaning!
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