chimney cleaning

Many homeowners are under the impression that if they have a gas heating system there is no longer a need for chimney maintenance. It is true that it will not need to be cleaned like the wood burning system, but inspections every 2-3 years are highly recommended to make sure these systems are venting properly. To insure that there are not any cracks, deterioration or blockage that may cause hazardous gas to back up into your home unnoticed.

  • When the technician arrives he will perform a preliminary chimney safety inspection to determine if you need a chimney cleaning – rather than just automatically cleaning it.
  • Then he will make sure everything is in proper working order, that the chimney is structurally sound, that there are not any cracks, clogs, deterioration, or safety hazards. He will inspect the smoke chamber and the damper.. He will check the ash dump and pipes of the furnace.
  • He will do a inspection to check the upper condition of the chimney, examining the mortar joints and the inside of the flue. He will check the flashing and concrete and/or chimney cap.
  • A visual Inspection will be done if there are any major problems and the technician feels it is necessary, Chimney Cleaning Toronto is one of the only companies that will also do a visual inspection of the inside of your chimney, so that he can get a better look at the problem and can show you just exactly what is going on in your chimney.
  • If the chimney is ready for a cleaning and you want it cleaned, he will lay out tarps and setup a sweep vacuum at the bottom of the chimney to collect the dust and debris… We offers a No Mess Guarantee!
  • If you are in need of a chimney cap or minors repairs the technician will usually be able to take care of that also at the time of the cleaning.
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