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Chimney Cleaning

Back to the days when I was just a kid, I used to set my own alarm clock or watch at 12:00 midnight throughout the Christmas Eve. I guess I truly need to catch Santa by the fireplace. I even imagined that Santa would be covered with creosote, so I constantly prepare an incredibly good [...]

How to Make Old Appliances Look New

How to Make Old Appliances Look New Many grouping have antiques that they poverty to change to their example and originality. Paintings are digit of the most ordinary things that grouping try to restore. Restoring an older painting crapper be very fulfilling. It also crapper make feel as if you have brought something backwards to [...]

chimney cleaning

Many homeowners are under the impression that if they have a gas heating system there is no longer a need for chimney maintenance. It is true that it will not need to be cleaned like the wood burning system, but inspections every 2-3 years are highly recommended to make sure these systems are venting properly. [...]

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