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When can we say that an office or a building needs dryer vent cleaning

People in the office or building have less control over their indoor environment compared to those at their homes .Experiencing problems like indoor air pollution is a serious matter that needs to be addressed immediately. Hence, identifying the sources of this problem would give an idea on what to do or, if such cleaning is [...]

Condominium Dryer Vent Cleaning When Do We Need it

Apartments and condominiums are almost the same as a single-residential house. They experience similar indoor condominium air problems acquired through various pollution sources, such as interior building materials, furnishings, microbial contamination and other construction or chemical debris hiding inside the duct system. These problems are often neglected and only noticed when it’s in its worst [...]

Condo Comfort specialists

Professional air ducts cleaner’s specialists with many years of experience in condo Comfort Business will insure you 100% comfortable and safe environment in your own condo.  Nose throat and eye irritation, impaired lung function and respiratory function in younger children or mature people, bronchitis, lung cancer and flu symptoms.  If you suffer from asthma, hypo [...]

Condo cleaning maintenance service

For the past 22 years we had the privileges and pleasant experience to work with Condominium Managers and their Board Members, Co-Operative Housing, Property Management Firms, Maintenance, Facility Managers and condo owners, gaining an understanding of their daily needs. We are thrilled that most of our Properties Managers return to us as customer for repeat [...]

Building Solutions in suite dryer vent and fan coil clothes preventative maintenance

Building Solutions Building Solutions have only one goal in main to take the responsibilities from the shoulders off Condominium Managers and their Board Members, Co-Operative Housing, Property Management Firms, Maintenance personal, superintendents and landlords. Building Solutions will help you save money on heating and cooling bills and future repairs. Building Solutions will keep happy you [...]

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