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CLOTHES DRYER FIRES PREVENTION The lint is the main reason for dryer fires. Caches fire when interact with electrical wires. The accumulated lint is very flammable. The owner of the dryer can clean only the lint trap filter bat the lint accumulated all over the dryer and stack witch is make impossible for the owner [...]

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning  Duct cleaning in commercial buildings is different from the house duct cleaning. The largest duct dust concentrations occurring in the return air vents (cold).  The way to do commercial duct cleaning is with: Cleaning with a portable industrial vacuum and brushes  On commercial building the amount of dust from the ducts is [...]

Toronto Condo Services

Toronto Condominium Services is a full service provider working exclusively for property management company that specializes in Dryer Duct Cleaning for High Rise Condominium Building. Condominium Service the needs of Condominium Managers, Co-operative housing and Property Management. Across the Greater Toronto Area. Condo services   is a  Dryer Vent Cleaning Company recommended by Property Management Companies , [...]

Condo Services

Condo Services Our mission is to provide the Property Management Industry with services for condos. We service the needs of Condominium Managers, Co-operative housing and Property Management. Across the GTA  Toronto Toronto  Condo Services Specialist in Dryer and Dryer Duct Cleaning for High Rise Condominium Building Whether it be commercial property management or residential rental property management. To [...]

Dryer Duct Cleaning for High Rise Condominium Building
Total Duct Cleaning is a Condo Services Specialist in Dryer Duct Cleaning for High Rise Condominium Building

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