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Condo Services Specialist

Total Duct Cleaning is the leader in condo Services for indoor air quality for greater Toronto area. We dedicated 100% of our time in condo services mastering dryer vent cleaning, HVAC cleaning and fan coil unit maintenance.  Condominium and Apartments have indoor air pollution and contaminants sources, such as household products, heaters, appliances, interior building [...]

Building Solutions in suite dryer vent and fan coil clothes preventative maintenance

Building Solutions Building Solutions have only one goal in main to take the responsibilities from the shoulders off Condominium Managers and their Board Members, Co-Operative Housing, Property Management Firms, Maintenance personal, superintendents and landlords. Building Solutions will help you save money on heating and cooling bills and future repairs. Building Solutions will keep happy you [...]

Limited Time Offer of a -10% discount off Industrial Duct Cleaning

Total Duct Cleaning would like to extend an offer “Limited Time Offer” of a -10% discount off the quoted prices of any of the services we provide. Company Introduction: Total Duct Cleaning, services the needs of Manufacturing Facilities, Clinics , Hospitals, Medical Facilities ,Retail, Malls, Warehouse, Commercial Offices, Schools, Condominiums, Hotels, Property Management, Restaurants, High-rise [...]

Fan Coil Maintenance Programs for Condominium

Maintenance of the fan coil is carried out by a certified contractor, Furnace cleaner, duct cleaner or dryer vent cleaner. The contractor change the filter. Then vacuums the Vertical system, lubricates the fen coil , checks for leakages and general functioning, including the operation of the thermostat. Fan Coil Maintenance is done twice a year.

Improve The Quality Of Air Through Condo Duct Cleaning

Improve The Quality Of Air Through Condo Duct Cleaning I was shaving yesterday morning patch I was perception to the news on the radio. It seems as I intend senior I only don’t seem to hit sufficiency instance to intend finished everything I am disagreeable to intend finished in my life. One thing I am [...]

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