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Air Ducts Should Be Cleaned

As a homeowner, why do we need to take care of our Air Ducts? Does it protect is from harmful air that has the possibility to circulate inside our houses? Basically, air ducts filter all the air that goes in and out our houses. We might not be able to recognize air since we cannot [...]

Prevent Mold Related Allergies With Mould Remediation

Mould remediation was always the last thing on my mind man. I haven’t really thought about it before until my kids were getting ill from allergies. At first I had no idea that it was caused by the mold growth in the air ducts but after I read some articles about it I realized that [...]

Ensure Air Cleanliness With Institutional Duct Cleaning

Institutional duct cleaning is the way to keep the air quality in the building at a safe and comfortable level.  This is because most buildings have aging and unmaintained air ducts that have been in constant use for years without proper cleaning. This should be avoided as this will be a conducive environment for the [...]

Asbestos And The Cancers It Causes

Asbestos has been widely known as the cause of several forms of cancer in the respiratory system of humans. The fine fibers of asbestos, makes it light and easily airborne. The forms of cancer it triggers in humans are asbestosis and mesothelioma in the human lungs. These are a result of high exposure to asbestos [...]

Spring cleaning n renewing

Spring cleaning n renewing  Spring cleaning is the life itself renewed. Have you ever thought of how important the indoor air is for our health? It’s imperative that we have good quality air flowing where we live, work and spend our days or nights. The particles in the dust are the main cause of breathing [...]

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