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Great Duct Cleaning Reviews

Duct Cleaning Reviews John was very thorough and did extra duct cleaning when I showed him all the dirt we had in our cold air return. Thank you!                                                                                                                               M. Greedy, Toronto It has been a while and it needed duct cleaning. Good work. J. Smith, Mississauga Excellent service, The Air Duct cleaning technician answered [...]

Home depot and Lowe’s customers get 10% off duct cleaning

Home depot customers get 10% off duct cleaning  Yes if you buy home construction material from Home Depot and Lowe’s we will clean your house ducts for 10% discount. You have to do duct cleaning whit in a 3 months of you buying material from home depot and Lowe’s to get 10% of the regular [...]

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend Way in the world you will refer a friend to total duct cleaning? It is a very simple answer. Because we will take care about the indoor air quality for your friends family. And you will make money each customer you refer to us you will receive $25.00. Refer duct cleaning to [...]

When to do Duct Cleaning

The most common reason for duct cleaning is our health. After major construction, small renovation or a house addition. For all those type of house renovation needs drywall sending.  The primary component of drywall is the mineral gypsum. It is a light-density rock found in plentiful deposits worldwide. Each molecule of gypsum (or dihydrous calcium [...]

How much air duct cleaning cost

How much duct cleaning     for residential house? If you go by square feet every 100SF have one vent most of the duct cleaning company will charge you by vent and to determine the duct cleaning cost we have to know how much duct cleaning company charges by vent multiply the vents number by [...]

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