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Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend Way in the world you will refer a friend to total duct cleaning? It is a very simple answer. Because we will take care about the indoor air quality for your friends family. And you will make money each customer you refer to us you will receive $25.00. Refer duct cleaning to [...]

HVAC Duct Cleaning Kill & Eliminate

HVAC Duct Cleaning Kill & Eliminate Dust, Dust mites, Dust mite feces, Fungus, Mold Carpet fibers, Synthetic fibers, Animal dander & hair Bacteria, Viruses, Pollen, Dander, Paint dust Construction waste, Mildew, Spores, Dirt Rodent feces, Insects and their feces, Drywall dust Fabric fibers, Fiberglass fragments, Skin scales Protective Germ and Odors Program HVAC Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Sanitizing

After cleaning the entire air duct system we offer to our clients the option of duct sanitizing.  We fog the system with an EPA registered disinfectant that is also a deodorizer, bacteriostat and a fungi-stat. This Sanitizer, marketed under the trade name Benefect, is commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes.  Benefect contains no perfumes or [...]

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