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How to do Blowers and Fans Cleaning

How do technicians do Blowers and Fans Cleaning? Centrifugal fan can also be associated to a furnace blower. The air that blows into your house comes from the spinning blades which force heated air from your furnace into your duct system. These needs to be cleaned since dust and other debris can be trapped inside [...]

Furnaces as a Major Appliance

Household Furnaces are major appliances that are temporarily built to give heat and warm to an interior environment in the form of air stream. There are many types of energy sources for a furnace and those are LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), oil, coal, wood and electricity and the most common is the natural gas furnace. [...]

Furnace Cleaning

As it occurs, most home owners or decision makers at house determine to have the furnace cleaning mainly because for well being reasons. 1 of those good reasons is obviously allergies to direct contact with dust, dirt, dander and other air contaminants. Same as air ducts, furnace ducts can also breed mould, mildew, and dust [...]

Electrostatic Air Filter

What is electrostatic filter? The electrostatic air filters utilize synthetic material which develops an electrostatic charge as friction is applied to the plastic fibers. In the filters case, air flowing through the filter provides the necessary friction.  The electrostatic charge that is developed as air passes through the filter increases the filters attraction to particles [...]

Furnace Cleaning

Furnace Cleaning A home heating furnace should be properly maintained to achieve maximum efficiency and avoid costly repairs. The calendar is the best assistant to proper furnace maintenance. At least once a year, before the furnace is in operation, it should be checked for possible problems. Contemporary furnaces are manufactured for safety as well as [...]

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