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While there are many questions continuously being raised about general air duct cleaning procedures, there are other occasions as well wherein scheduling one such act becomes imperative. This is particularly so in case of institutions like schools where a number of children get together to learn. As the situations can vary a great deal from one school to another, generalizing the schools duct cleaning services can be really difficult and in some cases almost impossible.


If there are no cases of allergies or other health problems or any symptoms of them occurring in a school then it is probably not required to get a professional air duct cleaning done immediately. A mere eye inspection of these ducts, followed by general vacuuming is all that is required in these cases. However, if the situation is really bad and students in the schools are showing the signs of allergies and complications that are related to respiration then they first need to be reported to a nearby doctor. This situation also calls for an immediate inspection of air ducts and get schools duct cleaning services done on them as early as possible. Chances are that air ducts might have been coagulated with different types of pollutants and might have spread in the air of the school and thereby rendering many pupils sick and unhealthy.

While all procedures that need to be followed in schools duct cleaning are important, they still need to be followed properly. If these procedures are not followed accurately it might result in further contamination of air in the given region and thereby worsening the situation. If you are opting for external service providers to get these jobs done then you need to ensure that they are well equipped and experienced enough to carry out the tasks smoothly and without any confusion. If these personnel are not trained properly or are less skillful, it might not just result in polluting the environment further but also might end up damaging cooling and heating systems. This can in turn hurt you financially as well.

Assuming that the school air ducts are coagulated with molds then they need to be cleaned in a systematic way. But before going ahead with such schools duct cleaning procedures the mold samples needs to be taken and inspected thoroughly. For this, the sample taken can be taken to a microbiology lab. Inspecting professionals can help you identify the materials that compose these molds and this will enable you to take an appropriate decision based on that fact. If the molds are seen growing at the insulated portion of the air ducts at its outer portion then the chances of cleaning them is too little and hence an alternative option would be to get them replaced altogether. If proper procedures are not followed here then molds will continue to grow further and this can worsen the situation further.

It is not just the case with molds, even insects, rodents, and other organisms can cause ducts to get coagulated in their own way. However, irrespective of the causative agent that is responsible for these situations, cleaning schools ducts appropriately is essential and this needs to be done regularly.

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