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Indoor Air Quality Preventative Maintenance! Semi Annual HVAC maintenance program !

Your heating system is the most needed and expensive part of the house.Just like your car, your home comfort system needs routine maintenance to keep it running at its best. Without regular servicing, heating and cooling systems waste energy and are more likely to break down. But with the proper attention, they can keep you comfortable year-round.

Most people across the Greater Toronto Areas today spend between 65% and 93% of their time indoors, yet the quality of indoor air is frequently ignored. You really can reduce allergens, dust and pet dander inside your home. We offer and service a variety of products and services that clean and refresh the air throughout your entire home...

We Service Indoor Air Quality Preventative Maintenance Package to:

Condominiums, High-rise Apartment Buildings, Property Management , Hotels, Houses, Hospitals,Clinics, Medical Facilities, Schools, Retail, Malls, Commercial Offices and Manufacturing Facilities.

A - Indoor Air Quality Preventative Maintenance Golden Package:

1 - Change or Clean your filter 4 times a year

High-velocity filters may be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or washed with a garden hose. Be sure to shake off excess water and allow filter to completely dry before re-installing the filter. Replace throw away filter(s) with the same size new filter(s). Throw away filter(s) may be replaced with cleanable filter(s) at this time.

2 - Furnace blower fan cleaning

Your fan has a chamber and it has blades. The dirtier they get the flatter they got. The normal blades are round, and what;s happening to your blades is some much dust built up in there, they’re actually gone flat. Now that those blades are flat, they’re not moving the air through the heat exchangers fast enough, which means your furnace gotta work harder to get the heat through, which means that furnace is overheating.

3 - Adjust hvac dampers For properly air flow throughout the house.

4 - 9 Indoor Air Quality pointsof inspection

Humidifier fiter, Furnace exhaust , Hot water tank exhaust,Check hvac dampers, Inspect duct system, Chek for mold remediation, Furnace inspection, Ductwork or pipes,Chimney inspection.

A close inspection will uncover leaks, soot, rust, rot, corroded electrical contacts and frayed wires. In furnace (forced-air) and boiler (hot-water) systems, the inspection should also cover the chimney, ductwork or pipes, dampers or valves, blower or pump, registers or radiators, the fuel line and the gas meter or oil tank, as well as every part of the furnace or boiler itself.

5 - Dryer Cleaning

For clothes dryer fire prevention

B - Indoor Air Quality Preventative Maintenance Silver Package:

1 - Change or Clean your filter 3 times a year.

2 - Furnace blower fan cleaning

3- 7 Indoor Air Quality pointsof inspection


C - Indoor Air Quality Preventative Maintenance Bronze Package:

1 - Change or Clean your filter 2 times a year.

2 - 5 Indoor Air Quality pointsof inspection.

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Over 20 years of experience. Doing the job right the first time. All air Duct Cleaning Tunisians are licensed. Liability insurance up to $5,000,000. Compliance with   Ontario Environmental Regulations .Compliance with Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance   Board (WSIB).

For Medical Facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Houses, High-rise Apartment Buildings, Schools, Property Management, Condominiums, Malls, Manufacturing Facilities, Retail, Clinics, Commercial Offices.

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HVAC Maintenance

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