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Total Duct Cleaning, services the needs of Property Management, Condominiums, Co-Operative Housing, Health-Care Facilitators, Hospitality Management, Mechanical Engineers, Facilities Managers, Maintenance Managers, Home Builders, General Contractors and Corporations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Total Duct Cleaning's service provides Property and Facility Managers with "peace of mind" in terms of a clean, efficient and safe operational air system, which in turn provides for an overall improved interior building appearance and environment. A highly maintained building appearance reflects upon residents and visitors in terms of "High Management Standards".


All of our TDC Technicians are fully trained, field experienced professionals. TDC is fully Insured, bondable and WSIB Insured and Compliant.


With over 20 years combined industry experience. You, your management company, residents and/or occupants can be 100% assured that TDC will handle all your facilities needs in a professional, courteous and cost effective manner.


Total Duct Cleaning is a proud member in good standing of:

  • Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario. (ACMO)
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. (WSIB)
  • Paisley Manor Insurance Inc.
  • National Air Duct Cleaners Association. (NADCA)

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We are multi-residential high rise specialists providing Property Managers, Developers and Condo Directors with worry-free, comprehensive, organized and cost effective service programs!

Air quality and HVAC hygiene often are neglected until fire occur, equipment breaks down, someone sues the company or costs escalate . We can educate your staff and prevent this..1-800-538-DUCT(3828)

Here is a list of our Condominium services:

1) Interior Dryer Unit Cleaning: TDC provides you with a "Fire Hazard Reduction".
2) Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning: Available to Managers, Building Owners, Commercial Laundries, Residents and Home Owners.
3) En-Suite Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning: TDC can provide a thorough and safe En-Suite cleaning experience that will delight your residents.
4) En-Suite Kitchen & Bathroom Exhaust Duct Cleaning: Improve airflow in your buildings suites, lower humidity levels and odour complaints.
5) Corridor Make-Up Air Shaft Cleaning : Improve airflow in your buildings corridors lower humidity levels and odor complaints.
6) En-Suite Fan-Coil Duct Cleaning: Reduce suite utility and energy costs, improve the suites indoor air quality and the residents home comfort.
7) Semi-Annual En-Suite Fan-Coil Program (Maintenance Contracts): Save on utility costs, cover-off seasonal switch overs, filter replacements.
8) Bi-Annual En-Suite Dryer Exhaust Duct Program (Maintenance Contracts) Preventative maintenance contract, lower exposure to potential fire hazard, price protection, our term contracts save money for your building by locking in at todays prices for this service in the future.
9) Protective (Facility) Germ Services Program: TDC offers a one time application within your facility as well as tailored on going application programs that can help lower your residents exposure to surface cross contamination involving germs, bacteria and virus.
10)Odour Control (Facility) Services Program: TDC offers a complete "Odour Control" service for property managers facilities, compactor rooms, move outs and automatic dispensing systems for high occupancy areas such a changerooms & fitness rooms.

11)Laundry room fire and flood preventive maintenance program: The maintenance program is created for condominium buildings to prevent the laundry room from fire and flood and includes A) clean interior of dryer, B) Dryer exhaust vent cleaning, C) Supply and install UL Listed flexible metallic clothes dryer transition duct, D) Supply and install a pair of premium stainless steel, braid reinforced washing , E) Clean bathroom grills, fans and ductwork using compressed air wash.

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