Commandments you need to know about duct cleaning restoration!


Once the damage has been caused by the fire and the smoke and dirt particles have been settled, it is time to clean up the mess around and do some duct cleaning restoration work. Though few sections of people claim that this section of job done all by themselves, it is still better if they can avail the services of professionals as they are experts and possess know-how about the processes involved in it. Before you get down to your work regarding this, you will do well to follow certain commandments that will help you in this scheme of things immensely.


1. As a first step in your restoration activities, you need to identify the substrates present in the building. This, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Just imagine identifying the stone used for constructing your house and that is covered with carbon staining of 80 years old or bird droppings. Would you be able to identify the type of stone used then? Depending upon the materials present at your disposal treatment used can vary. The final result can thus vary between excellent and disastrous. If you are not able to carry out the initial level of screening activities all by yourself, take the help of somebody else but get it done as early as possible.

2. The next step in your duct cleaning restoration campaign would be to hire the services of an established company. But there is a catch here. You simply cannot go with a company that merely provides its services and vanishes. So, you need to identify a service provider that offers reliable customer support, user guides and so on to its customers. These companies should go all out to provide you with all kinds of information that is required by you.

3. You shouldn’t find it tough to get a document that contains written guidelines and that deals with restoration activities. You will do well to follow all the instructions that are made available there. Few of these instructions or tips could be something like – do not use these types of cleaners with certain bleaches or chemicals and so on. These guidelines are generally written by experts who would have spent decades of hard work in understanding the nuances of these processes.

4. Do the testing before you embark on duct cleaning restoration. Even most manufacturers recommend this procedure. To go about doing this, try cleaning a small section of your area and see if there are any noticeable changes or not. The procedures that work wonders with one section may not necessarily work on other sections and so on. In some cases, weeks together is spent for testing procedure alone.

5. It is merely not important to have all right procedures followed but also have right kind of equipment at your disposal to carry out duct cleaning restoration activities. The person entrusted with the job has to make use of equipment like roller, brush, spray applicator, and so on. Cleaning activities can thus follow but with extra care and concentration. Make sure the temperature outside is right to carry out these activities.


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