Commercial duct cleaning!

Commercial duct cleaning: a good business for earning huge profits

Depleting quality of air especially in is a major cause of concern for people and medical experts all over the world. Contaminants present in your homes and offices trigger numerous lungs and respiratory disease. Commercial duct cleaning is, therefore, gaining popularity all through the world. The annual growth rate of this business was around fifty percent in the last decade and is expected to grow at the same rate. As more and more people are becoming aware of indoor air quality the opportunities in this business are growing enormously. A few factors due to which duct cleaning can be considered a lucrative business opportunity:

  • The revenues generated through commercial duct cleaning are at minimum levels of $100 per hour.
  • The cost of material used is quite low and thus profits are high.
  • The cost of beginning the business is low and affordable.
  • Growth as a business is rapid.
  • There is immediate and growing demand for the business.
  • The profit received is in cash and there is no need for carrying large receivables.

Once you decide upon doing duct cleaning business, the following easy to understand steps will help you to begin and progress in your business.

  • Purchase the right equipment: If you want to do the job rightly, you need to purchase the correct equipment for offering the services to your customers. Learn the best methods of cleaning the ducts. Vacuum is the most widely used technique for cleaning the ducts. You can make use of vacuum mounted on an automobile such as a truck if you want to do business on a larger scale. Vacuum pumps are the next option. Using a portable vacuum pump is handy and flexible, whereas a vacuum mounted on a truck has more power. Also, invest in various different kinds of brushes. Different ducts require different kinds of brushes such as round or square, large or a small brush.


  • Get enough knowledge on ducts: For providing commercial duct cleaning services it is important to know everything about the ducts. From the basic information like the internal composition of the ducts and which parts to be cleaned detailed information like leakages in a duct and the technical know-how of fixing it.
  • Location: Make a decision regarding the location of the duct business. It is always to decide upon a place, which is near to other businesses that will complement yours. A place near to the heating and air conditioning business, or a carpet store is good for locating your duct cleaning business. Such a location will automatically attract customers for your business.  These will bring more customers to your type of business.


  • Offer other complementary services: Along with the duct cleaning services try to offer other types of related services. This will open opportunities of growth for your business. Take up duct cleaning as your main job, but offering deodorizing, filtration, and sealing ducts will bring in more customers to your store.
  • Promotion: The next important thing is to make decisions regarding promotion of the commercial duct cleaning services provided by you. Pamphlets, advertising in the newspapers and creating website listing the services offered by you are a few promotional methods.


Following the above-mentioned steps, will surely help in establishing and boosting your duct cleaning business and bring profits for you.


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