HVAC Duct cleaning : Why we need them?

HVAC systems refer to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems which are extremely popular and in use in almost all homes. The homeowners use HVAC ducts to circulate the heated/ cool air through the home especially pathways. Researches and studies have shown that level of pollutants in the air inside our offices and houses are higher when compared to outside air. This statement holds good for even the largest and industrialized cities. Thus it is extremely important that proper attention is paid to the air quality in the houses and in offices.

One of the prime reasons for air pollution is ignoring proper maintenance of HVAC systems. Dirty furnace or air conditioner grills, diffusers, ducts etc are common things that are ignored by us. The use of proper HVAC duct cleaning services ensure that the HVAC ducts are bacteria free, dust free and the air circulated in the ducts are free of contamination. Further the use of HVAC duct cleaning services is important to ensure that the HVAC systems such as air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems are giving optimal output. The air conditioners’ ducts should be cleaned every 2-3 years to ensure that the cooling is circulated to all parts of the home.

It is important to appreciate that apart from normal dust or dirt accumulation, which is found in almost all homes in regular use, there are many other factors which increase the need for HVAC duct cleaning. Presence of pets in the home, or if there are persons with allergies, use of cigarette or cigars etc makes it all the more important that HVAC ducts are cleaned regularly.  Further if the home has undergone some renovation, or major repairs etc, it is advisable to call in for HVAC duct cleaning services and get HVAC decontaminated. A proper cleaning service will aim to decontaminate the entire duct system including air ducts, drain pan, coils, registers, blower motor and assembly, grills, air plenum, heat exchanger, air cleaner and air filter. This would ensure the maximum benefit of decontamination.

One of the easiest ways to check if you need HVAC services is to self inspect the HVAC systems on a regular basis and check if the decontamination is required. The wall or floor register may be removed using a common screwdriver. You may then use a small flash light and mirror to inspect the level of contamination. If you find traces of dirt, debris or dust, the HVAC should be cleaned.

The HVAC cleaning process is not very complex. However each job is unique and requires craftsmanship. Existing service openings are used as far as possible to reach the various parts of the HVAC. With the use of agitation devices such as air whips, air nozzles or skipper balls, the contaminants are loosened from the surface of HVAC ducts and devices. Contact vacuuming and hand brushing can also be used as agitation devices.

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