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HVAC cleaning Info : helps provide clean fresh air indoors

The product that provides integrated services like heating, ventilation and air conditioning is known as the HVAC system.  These systems have become extremely popular among people all over the world.

What is the need of HVAC cleaning?

    •  According to data revealed by EPA the indoor air is 70% times more polluted as compared   to outdoor air. Thus, HVAC systems installed in the indoors need regular cleaning and maintenance.
    •  Data given by Louisiana Cooperative Extension Services (LCES), the cause of HVAC system failure in ninety percent of the cases is accumulation of dirt and dust.
    •  Clean HVAC systems run with full capacity and efficiency. Thus, the overall usage time of the system is reduced, which in long run provides longevity to the system.
    •  This will cause fewer burdens on your pockets while you pay the monthly electric bill.
    •  An accumulation of.042 inches duct and dirt on the cooling or heating coil reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system by about 21%
    •  Out of every six people one suffers from allergies due to breathing impure indoor air that comes out of dirty and unmaintained HVAC systems. Dirt and debris in the systems promote growth of bacteria and fungi, thus releasing air that is more impure than indoor air where HVAC systems are not installed. Thus, regular HVAC cleaning is of prime importance for those who are using the systems.

How should HVAC cleaning be done?

The simplest and the most convenient way of maintaining HVAC system is self inspection. Check the system on a regular basis so that any dirt dust and microbes are removed before they form huge piles. In case decontamination is required you first need to remove the wall and floor register of your system with the help of a common screwdriver. The inner part of the system is dark as light reaches through very small holes. Small flashlight and a mirror can ease the process of identifying the level of contamination and the kind of services that are required. If you find traces of dirt, debris or dust, the HVAC should be cleaned.

The process of HVAC cleaning is not very intricate. However, each part of the whole process of cleaning is unique and the cleaner needs to have enough knowledge of the inner systems. Various service openings are provided in the system which can be used to reach the inner parts of HVAC. Many types of agitation devices like skipper balls, air whips, and air nozzles are available in the market. These can be used to loosen the contaminants from HVAC ducts and devices. Hand brush can be used to clean the outer parts whereas proper cleaning of the internal parts can be done only with the help of a vacuum pump. The contaminants should then be collected carefully by using negative pressure or vacuum technique. Use of these methods, ensure the collection of minutest of dirt particles from the system. Portable vacuum pumps are mostly used for cleaning of HVAC systems. Disinfectants, sanitizers, and deodorizers are then used to make a layer on the non-porous components of HVAC systems. These reduce the growth of microbes and also reduce odors.

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