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HVAC duct cleaning Info : the perfect way to obtain pure air

Indoor air quality is one of the most serious concerns among environmentalists all over the world. This is because on an average a person spends about 20-22 hrs of the day indoors either at home or in offices. The Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are more commonly known as HVAC systems and are used for maintaining hot warm or cool temperatures according to the requirement. The internal composition of these systems are complicated and consist of an air conditioner or a furnace, grilles, diffusers, registers, and a close network of ducts. The primary purpose of ducts is to transport the cool or hot air in every part of your house or office. Transfer of air all through the indoors by dirty ducts, will introduce polluted air rather than cleaning the indoors. HVAC duct cleaning services are, therefore, used by many homeowners to ensure that the pathways used for cooling, heating, and ventilation are clean and dirt free. Only clean and tidy ducts will help you get away from microbes dirt and allergies.

Companies engaged in HVAC duct cleaning begin the process by checking the entire operating system. This helps them to identify the levels of contamination and dirt accumulated inside and the kinds of method that should be employed for cleaning the system. There are three commercial methods that are used by companies for HVAC cleaning. Application of any of these helps in reducing levels of viable bio-aerosols and airborne particulate matter in the indoor air where these systems are employed. These are:

  1. Contact method: - This method involves the application of conventional vacuum cleaning of the interior duct surfaces.


  1. Air sweep method: - This method involves the usage of compressed air for dislodging dirt and trash.
  1. Rotary brush method: - In this method of HVAC duct cleaning a rotary brush is inserted into the network of duct. The brush agitates and removes the debris from the duct.


Cleaning of HVAC ducts results in a number of potential benefits both for the system and the users.

  1. The main reason for getting HVAC systems installed inside the house is to keep the internal air free from dirt, debris and microorganism like bacteria, fungi and molds. HVAC ducts if kept dirty and stocked with dirt promote the growth of microbes rather than removing them. Such a network of ducts will spread pollutants throughout the home. Breathing such contaminated air can cause numerous health problems like asthma, and allergies. Such problems can become severe in children and adults breathing this air.


  1. HVAC duct cleaning tips improves the overall HVAC efficiency of the system.  This, results in better performance of the system.
  1. Free flow of air to and from the system causes fewer loads on the operating system. It thus needs to make less effort in expelling dust and dirt.


  1. The life of the HVAC duct increases as a result of cleaning procedures.
    • The energy consumed in maintaining the cleanliness and temperatures of the indoors is reduced.

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