dryer vent cleaning


dryer vent cleaning dryer vent cleaning dryer vent cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Is dryer vents cleaning really essential?

Unlike most other materials that can be found in your home dryer lint is highly flammable and hence can catch fire at a very short notice. If care is not taken properly the fire thus generated can spread all across your home and thereby placing lives of people and materials at great risk. During the usual process of dryer lint gets trapped in the lint trap while the air gets exhausted through the system. If there are any obstructions present in this system it would mean air flow will get restricted and hence your dryer has to work overtime to get it released. The entire process that follows thereon can easily overheat the motor and can result in a dryer fire. Hence, dryer vents cleaning are essential and have to be carried out at regular intervals.

It is a must for you to include dryer vents cleaning schedules in your home maintenance plans. Having them included in your scheme of things will ensure you and your family members will stay healthier for many years to come. But before you include them in your different plans you need to understand different aspects of them. It is common to see clothes producing lint while drying and this lint does not get trapped by lint trap. However, if you can clean the dryer vents at its outer portion, it can result in removing excess lint present there. Depending upon the machine, the location of dryer vent can vary. In some cases they are present at the rear end of the dryer and in other cases they can be seen in the route that leads to piping.

There are different ways how you can identify if your dryer vents needs cleaning or not. One such way is to find out the time taken by the dryer to dry clothes. If it takes long time than it usually does then it would probably indicate the time for it to get replaced by another dryer. However, as per common practice followed in most areas, dryer vents are either cleaned or replaced completely every six months. Now, whether you can go about dryer vents cleaning all by yourself or not depends largely upon you. If you are having right set of tools with you that are necessary to carry out such a task, then you probably can go ahead all by yourself and not otherwise. It is still a better option to hire an external service provider for these tasks as it requires some experienced hands to carry out cleaning procedures.

If dryer vents are left unattended for long periods of time then it will get coagulated with different types of pollutants like bacteria, fungus, pollen, dust, and others and thereby preventing smooth flow of air through it. If this happens at your place, it can lead to undesirable changes in your indoor environment and can pollute the air. As these polluted air keep on circulating within a region, people living in the immediate areas are worst affected. Breathing automatically becomes tough and other health changes will soon follow. To prevent all these things happening to your place, you need to do dryer vents cleaning as regularly as possible.

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dryer vent cleaning

dryer vent cleaning dryer vent cleaning


dryer vent cleaning

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dryer vent cleaning

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