Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning


Dryer Exhaust vent Cleaning Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning Dryer Exhaust  Cleaning
Laundry Exhaust Vent Cleaning Program!

The Dryer Vent Cleaning- Explained

1. Exterior box: that is located where the warm air exits the condo from the Dryer Vent System. In the high-rise condominiums or office towers you can see it on the outside wall of the building..

2. Bird screen will not allow the birds to come to nest and block your dryer vent system.

3. Access door is located just before exterior box that allows easy and thorough dryer vent cleaning. Usually are instead in high-rise condominiums or office towers.

4. Fan with motor: the main function of the fan is to blow out the warm air coming from the dryer it bin instead in Dryer Vent Pipes longer than 20 fit.

5.  Lint trap box with screen. To capture the lint coming from the dryer in the process of drying the clothes the main purpose is to capture the lint before getting into the Dryer Vent System and restricting the air flow.

6. Metallic flex-hose: connects the dryer with the dryer vent system.

7.  Trapped lint in the dryer. Periodically maintenance will keep your dryer system problem free.



  1. Vacuum internally the dryer by dismantling the dryer.
  2. Clean the lint Trap.
  3. Hand cleaning the exhaust fan blades.
  4. Lubricating the exhaust fan motor.
  5. Air snaking the ductwork.
  6. Cleaning the flex-hose.


    • Exhausts fan motor replacement.
    • Installing lint trap.
    • Installing Access door
    • Washer hose replacement.
    • Replace the plastic flex-hose whit metallic flex-hose.
    • Balancing the exhaust fan motor (For quiet operation).

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Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning Toronto Dryer Exhaust  Cleaning


Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning Toronto

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Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning

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