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Lint cleaning- the best way to maintain your appliances

Home appliances have made every task of life easy and are the need of the day. All household tasks from dish washing to getting the comfort of heating and cooling systems in the house are dependent on these appliances. One of the most common and important appliances is the clothes dryer. Clean tidy clothes are the requirement of the day and a continuous use of both these appliances are unavoidable. Apart from the daily usage of these, more important is to have a fixed Lint Cleaning schedule for them.

Complicated problems require expenditure of more time and money. Similarly, clean up a huge heap of lint and dust form a machine is a tedious and expensive task. It is easier to clean small quantities of dust and lint from the machines. So the first important thing to be kept in mind is to carry out the task of lint cleaning regularly after using it for fixed time intervals. Carry out maintenance and cleaning plan on a regular basis. Don’t allow overt building of dust and debris in your dryer vents.
Dryer vents alone cause thousands of fires every year. This usually happens due to a person’s negligence towards things that are expensive and provide them with all, the comfort.

Is there a relation between negligence and fire outbreaks?

The main cause of fire in dryer vents is the excessive collection of dust, debris and lint in it. As a result the duct of the dryer gets blocked. Once the duct gets occluded with waste, it prevents the free outflow and inflow of air to and from the dryer. Moisture and gases like carbon dioxide instead of moving out of the equipment remain trapped within. This can ultimately lead to serious problems like outbreak of fires.

You can easily prevent the possibility of damaging your own home from such destruction by taking care of a few small things. Check the ventilation system of your dryer regularly. It is vital to know whether it is properly vented or not. Also, find if there are any blockages on the opening of exhaust. When there is a serious need of Dryer Vent Lint Cleaning and maintenance of the dryer it is better to get the services of a professional rather than trying such things by yourself.
You can sometimes take the risk of cleaning your dryer vent yourself.

  • First, unplug the dryer from the power supply. If it is an electric dryer switch off the electric supply and shut off the supply of gas in case of gas dryer.
  • Pull out the dryer and then release the vent clamp placed just behind the dryer’s back.
  • After loosening the clamp slide the dryer vent away from the dryer.
  • It will now become easy for you to reach the hole located at the dryer’s back. Pull and remove any lint or buildup that is occluding the system. 
  • Lint cleaning for the dryer vent can be done easily and perfectly with the help of a vacuum cleaner, as the pressure of the cleaner will help you reach to greater depths inside the hole.
  • Vacuum cleaner can also be used for lint cleaning from the vent tubing.
  • Make sure to check both ends of vent tubing as dust and lint usually get collected on these areas.
  • Clamp and reattach the dryer vent back to its place.

Keeping the vent outside the house in open air will ensure complete cleaning. These few caring tips will increase the life of your dryer and ensure safety of your house.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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