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Corridor Make Up Air Duct Cleaning

The corridor make-up air system is one of the methods used to provide an adequate volume of air in building. The use of make-up air systems is effective in replacing the air with the same rate as it is expelled. The condition has to be kept that way to avoid the negative pressure within the building. Negative pressure is usually indicated by exhaust fans which are not properly working, presence of suction pressure which makes exterior doors pretty hard to open, drafts, and discomfort.

The quantity of outside air introduced to the room through the corridor make-up air system is relatively higher in excess of the exhausted quantities to pressurize the building. The outdoor air to be supplied must be treated to conform to the temperature and condition of the indoor air to avoid experiencing unlikely conditions like adding up another load to an individual ventilation system. Another way to ensure that the areas get enough ventilation it needs is to keep the corridor make-up air system well maintained and clean. Having the professional technicians get the corridor make-up air duct cleaning done should be on top of our list of maintenance programs. These professionals know exactly what should be done to achieve an optimum level of cleanliness and make your corridor make-up air system perform its functions well.

How is Corridor Make-Up Air Shaft Cleaning Done?

Initially, the condition of the corridor make-up air duct system is checked and assessed. Through checking the system out impending problems can be spotted and an appropriate solution can be applied to prevent it from getting worse. Then the actual cleaning process takes place. Technicians use specialized and advanced tools and equipments to make sure that the duct cleaning service has a high quality. They make sure that dust is totally removed. The registers are removed and cleaned. The duct cleaning technicians then cleans the supply vents all the way down to the air handlers. The particulates are swept up using a vacuum system specifically designed for air duct cleaning. As soon as all parts of the duct system are cleaned, the technicians then apply bacteria-killing solutions to effectively kill the harmful organisms in the duct. Benefits of Corridor Make-Up Air Duct Cleaning

A clean make-up air duct system has a lot to offer us. A clean corridor make-up air duct system ensures that there is enough volume of air that can be used up in the living spaces. It can greatly reduce the infiltration of the cold air coming from the outside. Cleaning allows the system to work properly. It decreases the load on the HVAC system. Clean systems can likewise lower down the energy costs, reduce the utility costs and extend the life of system through preventing excessive wear and tear and energy consumption. Above all, corridor make-up air duct cleaning can bring our health to the light side by improving the quality of indoor air. A clean make-up air system helps create a healthier, more comfortable, and a more productive environment.

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