Condo Dryer Vent Cleaning

Processes involved in Condo dryer vent cleaning and safety tips

It is interesting to observe the trend that has arisen wide and across the United States when it comes to causes of fire. According to this trend, the major factors for occurrence of fire are not chimneys but dryer vents. Incidentally, dryer vents represents that region of your condo that gets very little or no attention. Only when there are problems arising from it, they get noticed. The lint trap that exists in the dryer is effective to remove only 80% of the lint that occurs regularly. However, for safety reasons, this percentage is not high enough. Hence, condo dryer vent cleaning procedure need to be followed to improve its efficiency and to eliminate the possibility of fire occurrences.


As you are aware, dryer lint is highly flammable and under its right conditions, can cause dryer fires. The fire thus generated can easily spread across the entire vent system and eventually your house. While the dryer goes about its job, a small amount of water gets removed and simultaneously the lint trap prevents the lint from passing through. All this while, sir gets released through the exhaust system of the dryer. In the cases of lint trap failures, extra lint gets accumulated and thus the flow of air gets obstructed. This in turn forces the dryer to work harder than before. The motor of the dryer gets overheated over a period of time. This eventually sets up the dryer to generate fire. To prevent these situations from happening and to ensure proper condo dryer vent cleaning procedures are followed, certain tips need to be taken.

Firstly, you need to keep a close eye on your lint trap. See to it that the lint doesnt contain any rips in it. Also, cross check to see if it is wet. If the lint is wet it would indicate time is ripe for its replacement or its cleaning. It will not be a bad option to clean the lint screen regularly using light scrubs and washing soaps. You then need to check if its vent hood is moving or not. In addition to this, if you get to see lint sprayed on to the floor, it is an indicator for you to opt for condo dryer vent cleaning procedure as soon a possible. There is no point in going ahead with these cleaning procedures all by you. So, hire a professional and get some products like brushes, rods and so on ready in case you need them.

Hiring professionals is very important for condominium dryer vent cleaning processes because the problems and situations encountered can vary a great deal. While on some occasions you will get to see disconnected or loose vents and on other occasions vents can be in the form of bends or in different angled positions. Professionals working in these fields are usually equipped with right kind of tools that are necessary to carry out the processes smoothly. Try and convince the professionals to do onsite repair works or work upgrades as nearly half of dryer vent cleaning processes require such kind of approaches.

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