Respiratory diseases duct cleaning !

Respiratory diseases duct cleaning: Details you should know

Some things in life are totally unavoidable and people have to face them whether they wish to do it or not. Indoor air pollution is one such thing. All you can do is to control and clean whatever you can to make the indoor air fresh. Two things to remember; install air cleaning products in you indoors, keep away from respiratory diseases duct cleaning of these products is of utmost importance in order to keep indoor air  clean.

A few eye-openers for all of you:

  • Every person inhales about 3,500 gallons of air daily. The size of air particles that children inhale is much bigger in size than their capacity. Children inhale more particles for their size then adolescents or adults.
  • Most of the respiratory problems are caused by pollution both outdoor and indoor.
  • Approximately 40,000 dust mites can be present in just one ounce of dust. This is the major cause of allergies.
  • Approximately 10-15% of total population is allergic to dog or cat dander.
  • About 700,000 skin flakes are shed form the body of every person.


Numerous sources contributing to indoor air pollution include tobacco products, combustion sources like kerosene, gas, oil, coal, and wood; building materials, deteriorated asbestos containing things, wet and damp carpets. Devices installed for cleaning and maintenance of indoor air like HVAC systems, humidifiers and de-humidifiers may lead to serious respiratory diseases duct cleaning is thus vital to maintain clean air.

Indoor pollution mainly affects the lungs and other parts of respiratory tract. The most common lung disease induced and triggered by indoor pollution is asthma. The problem is acute and frequent in elderly and small children. Humidity, smoke small suspended impurities in the air is the main cause for triggering the disease.  In urban areas where people install HVAC systems, dehumidifiers and many other products, laxity in cleaning their ducts has now become the major cause for respiratory problems. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is another severe condition of inflammation of the lungs caused by indoor pollution. This disease leads to other respiratory infections like pneumonia and bronchitis. Persistence of smoke in the house is the main cause for this disease. In most cases no effort is made to remove the smoke. Those who install chimneys and other, suffer from respiratory diseases duct cleaning is ignored. The third most common disease is Emphysema and is caused by smoking and contamination of air due to various sources in the indoors. Lungs in our body are kept healthy and clean by a layer of mucus. Pollutants in the indoor air, such as smoke get collected in the lungs and leads to the damage of mucus. This causes infection, inflammation, and blockage in the lungs.

To prevent respiratory diseases duct cleaning is a crucial task. The ducts of HVAC systems get coagulated with duct, dirt, debris during circulation of air within the house. If you keep breathing such air, it might be even more harmful than outdoor pollution. Therefore, these ducts need to be properly cleaned and maintained frequently so that you and your family can breathe pure clean air.

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