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Schools Hospitals Condominium and Hotels Air Filter Replacement

Steps that can be followed for air filter replacement

Just like how important cleaning air filters are to your car, they are equally important for your furnaces. Air filters are very important as they can effectively help filter out dust and pollen. Therefore, Needless to say, they need to be maintained carefully. In fact, they can either be replaced or cleaned as per the tips provided by their manufacturers. Before you go ahead with an Schools Hospitals Condominium and Hotels Air Filter Replacement procedure, make sure that you have checked perfectly at least once a month. This can preferably be done either during cooling or heating season depending upon your air conditioning usage. It is probably a great idea to carefully monitor the detector badge that is located on the furnace to trace Carbon Monoxide.


Going about Schools Air Filter Replacement Hospitals Condominium and Hotels Air Filter Replacement is not all that tough. The essential materials and tools required for this purpose are Screwdriver and New Air Filter. As a first step, you need to identify the exact location of air filter in your furnace and then go about methods in getting them removed. Depending upon the furnaces used the location of air filters vary. It largely depends upon the design of the concerned furnace. In some cases, the air filter can be located very near to the blower door itself and in other cases; they can be located between the return air duct and the blower. Once you have identified the exact location of the air filter, you then need to make use of a screwdriver to help open the blower door or the access panel. Once all the above steps are followed, air filter can be safely removed from its support.

The procedure of Schools Hospitals Air Filter Replacement Condominium and Hotels Air Filter Replacement is not complete until the air filter removed is inspected thoroughly and then get it replaced completely. As a first step in the inspection stage, left the air filter and hold it against the light. See for yourself how much light does get pass through it. If the filter in question is made of fiberglass or paper and is dirty, get it replaced soon. However, if the air filter used is of dry foam type, you can vacuum it or get it washed thoroughly. If it is required to have the air filter replaced, then you need to follow the following procedures.

● If your air filter is made of fiberglass or paper; chances are that its frame is made of cardboard. Then you need to identify the location of arrow mark. Usually this arrow mark can be traced on the filter itself. This mark indicates the direction of flow of air. Filter then needs to inserted back into the holding frame. While doing this, ensure that the air flow is positioned correctly and is as per the arrow mark.

● In case of foam based filters, either get them cleaned or have a new one altogether; whichever is deemed suitable. As these filters are usually frameless you need to get them positioned carefully. This can be followed depending upon the design your furnace has.

● As a next step in the Schools Hospitals Condominium Air Filter Replacement and Hotels Air Filter Replacement , get the blower door or access panel replaced.

● Repeat the whole procedure on a monthly basis.

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