Washroom & Kitchen Exhaust Vent Cleaning!

Washroom & Kitchen Exhaust Vent Cleaning: keep smoke and moisture away

Our fitness and health reflects the kind of food that we consume and the degree of cleanliness we follow during its preparation. You might be cleaning your hands often when you are in the kitchen, but are you aware of the dirt that is released when food is cooked. Taking care of a few important things will save you and your family from the ill effects of materials and moisture released during cooking and washing. The first vital task is the installation of exhaust in the kitchen and washing areas as it sucks most of the smoke smell and moisture released from stoves and oven in the kitchen and moisture from the washrooms. Secondly, washroom & kitchen exhaust Vent cleaning should be done regularly.

Kitchens of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and office cafeterias encompass a "hood" and network of ducts above the stove. These exhaust steam, smoke, and fumes away from the building. The exhaust gases also leave a deposit on the inner side of the ducts. This is generally heavy black grease or sticky, rubbery residue depending on the kind of food cooked. Dishwashers leave heavy deposits of lint inside the ducts. When the grease buildup becomes too heavy, it may result in the outbreak of fire. The cause for fire in about 33% of these cases is due to laxity in washroom & kitchen exhaust duct cleaning. Excessive deposition of grease and dirt on the inner part of the ducts hampers the complete removal of smoke, gases and moisture that are released from the kitchen and washrooms. These then pollute the indoor air and can cause various kinds of allergies and respiratory disorders. Continuous inhalation of bad odors can also cause nausea and vomiting in some sensitive people.

The simplest way of keeping away from such dangerous situations is to self inspect the exhaust ducts regularly. This will help you find whether decontamination and washroom & kitchen exhaust duct cleaning is required. The register on the ceiling may be removed by a common screwdriver. Then, use flashlight and a mirror to find out the level of contamination. If traces of dirt, grease, or debris are accumulated in the ducts it needs to be cleaned.

The washroom & kitchen exhaust duct cleaning is a job that requires craftsmanship. Various parts of exhaust ducts are reached thorough existing service openings. Using agitation devices like air nozzles, air whips, or skipper balls, loosens the grip of grease and other contaminants on the surface of ducts. Hand brushing and contact vacuuming can be used as other agitation devices. Once the contaminants are loosened they are collected through negative pressure or vacuum technique. Careful removal through this method ensures that even minute particles of dirt get removed from the system. Nowadays, portable vacuum pumps are commonly used for the cleaning. Further growth of microbes on the inner surface of ducts is prevented by applying sanitizers, and disinfectants. Application of deodorizers helps to tackle odors that are released from the cooking process. All this effort will help you keep healthy and well.

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